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Changing addresses

In the time that I have been writing in this blog I have moved more than ten times and lived in three different states. I originally purchased this domain name with the idea of using it as a space to learn how to program, but, for a variety of reasons, that never really happened. I also set up the site in a sort of backward manner, not to say that I would have been unable to disentangle it, but such that I would have had to do more work to make that happen than I was ever really wanted to put into it. Then there was the name, taken because I sort of foolishly thought at the time that I was going to study Seleucus himself. I did go on to do the PhD in ancient history, but I haven’t ever really studied Seleucus and my interests have wandered in rather other directions. Thus the name is a relic of youthful flights of fancy, and I have been considering a change for a few years. Mostly I have resisted for the same reasons I always have: it takes work to make the change, the settings and look here is familiar and to my taste, and there are always a number of other things for me to do.

The site is not going anywhere, and I am keeping the domain for at least a while, perhaps to resurrect it for another purpose, but I am here to announce that this will be my last post for the foreseeable future at this site. I have migrated the entire blog (youthful hiccoughs and all) to a new website, where you will find my blog, links to other social media, and hopefully information about new projects that I am excited about down the line. The website is going to undergo some changes as it grows, but the blog should be fully operational as I write this. I hope to see you there.