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Tag Archives: 2015 in review

My 2015 – Using Words

The last of three 2015 reflection pieces I am going to post, this one using the ancient style called “prose” to offer some reflections and thoughts about 2015 and offer some “resolutions” for 2016. I had my share of struggles in 2015, but they pale in comparison to the massive psychic wounds that openly wept […]

My 2015 – Listicle

I did one of these back in 2013/2014, but then was busy and (IIRC) frustrated in early January last year and just skipped doing it. In the two years since, I did manage to read some of the books on on the various reading goals, though most of those were last year and not the […]

My 2015 – By the Numbers

There are any number of numbers that have been used to quantify the experience of 2015, including how much average temperatures rose, stock market tickers, amount of money spent by SuperPACs, number of people displaced from Syria, total human population on Earth, instances and casualties of mass- and police-shootings—plus happier statistics that aren’t necessarily kept […]