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February 2016 Reading Recap

Nearly a week of March is already past, which is unfathomable. Time particularly flies when traveling, though, and I was at a conference in Omaha for several days. While there I did get to dig through Jackson Street Booksellers, a store with one of the more eclectic collections I know of and (too-high) walls of […]

November 2015 Reading Recap

December is here–and already flying by. This is always a busy time of the semester and, even though I am not preparing students for exams or furiously grading papers to meet a deadline, I feel busier than I ever have been. This is because I have finally broken into a good stride in terms of […]

Live Tweet Demons

The third installment of tweets from novels: Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s #Demons. "well, he did very little as a scholar, nothing at all, apparently. But w scholars here in Russia, that is ever and always the case" #Demons — Joshua Nudell (@jpnudell) September 29, 2015 "This thesis cleverly and painfully needled the Slavophils of the day and […]

October 2015 Reading Recap, as such

Back near the start of October I decided to challenge myself by reading Dostoevsky’s Demons, in part because I have yet to successfully grind through one of those long Russian novels, having abandoned Brothers Karamazov and War and Peace part way through. I have more trouble with Russian translations than with a lot of other […]

September 2015 Reading Recap

I finished three books in September, as the academic year picked up and things, as they do, got busy. Grave Peril, Jim Butcher Harry Dresden continues his wizarding, only, now in the third book, the decisions he made in the previous two are beginning to catch up with him. I did a little write up […]