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Some thoughts on translation

In A Splendid Conspiracy (reviewed here), the police informant and intellectual of the streets, Rezk, covets foreign books, which he diligently reads at the pace of a page a day even though he frequently finds phrases that are beyond his comprehension. At the same time, Medhat, who works the for the town’s newspaper, dismisses the […]

The Russian Girl – Kingsley Amis

This is a somewhat belated review because I finished the book a little bit ago and was then on the road for a bit more than a week. Everywhere in the world literature is in retreat from politics and unless resisted the one will crush the other. You don’t crush literature from the outside by […]

Treason’s Harbour – Patrick O’Brian

Treason’s Harbour, the ninth installment of the Aubrey-Maturin series, picks up very nearly where the Ionian Mission leaves off, skipping only the denouement Aubrey’s mission to capture a Balkan harbor. This time both his ships, the H.M.S. Worcester and the H.M.S. Surprise, are stuck in harbor and potentially never to set sail again, so the […]

December 2014 Reading Recap

A bit later than I intended, but things happen. Vacation isn’t really a vacation. the Feast of the Goat – Mario Vargas Llosa Reviewed here, an excellent historical novel detailing the collapse of Trujillo’s reign in the Dominican Republic. Decline and Fall – Evelyn Waugh Rarely do I read a book and come away flummoxed […]

November 2014 Reading Recap

I am in disbelief that December is upon us. For a variety of reasons, some of which aren’t even related to my dissertation, life has gotten v. hectic, but here’s a quick rundown of my November reading. Bridge on the Drina – Ivo Andric Andric’s masterpiece (one of the trilogy for which he won the […]

December 2013 Reading Recap

My progress through Herman Hesse’s novel Narcissus and Goldmund has slowed, so I thought to write this post up a bit early. Sometime in January I also plan to revisit my top novels post I did once before. Lucky Jim, Kingsley Amis – Reviewed here, Lucky Jim is a comedy of errors. On some level, […]

Lucky Jim, Kingsley Amis

James Dixon is an English World War Two veteran and a young contingent faculty member at a small university in the UK midlands. He specialized in medieval history not because he felt a particular vocation, but because it was easy and spends most of his time trying to avoid teaching unless the class is composed […]