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June Reading: The Case of Comrade Tulayev

For a variety of reasons, including co-teaching a Greek History course, working on my dissertation, and watching (too much) Justified I only finished one book this month, Victor Serge’s The Case of Comrade Tulayev. Serge himself was born in Brussels to Russian parents and moved to Russia to join the Bolshevik revolution. He was expelled […]

November Reading Recap

It may be in the mid-50s and sunny here in mid-Missouri, but the Calendar says that today is December 1. Here is a review of the reading I did in November before I jump back into the craziness that is the end of the academic term. Bend Sinister, Vladimir Nabokov – One of Nabokov’s early […]

Reading and the Context of Reading

I just finished reading Orhan Pamuk’s Snow and it was phenomenal. I will be writing a few posts about this book over the next week or two (two weeks from now is my Thanksgiving Break), including an actual review. For now, though, I am still digesting what I read, in part because I’ve been busy […]

September Reading Recap

I was bogged down with academic work (teaching/researching/writing/etc) in September and only managed to finish two books. Brief Interviews With Hideous Men, David foster Wallace Probably DFW’s most famous short story collection because of the John Krasinski film adaptation by the same name, Brief Interviews is an eclectic collection of stories that runs a gamut […]

Memories in a City [1]

One of the few mass email lists I have not unsubscribed from is from Lonely Planet, the travel company. I started getting an email newsletter when I used several of their guides to travel around Greece and Istanbul. I now keep the newsletter because there are occasionally interesting articles about places I wish to someday […]

June 2013 reading recap

One of the nice things about finishing the comprehensive exam process is that it is again possible to do some reading for fun. I have (sort of) been able to take advantage of this opportunity and again trying to keep a list of those books I’ve read with the idea that I will post a […]