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January 2016 Reading Recap

I don’t feel compelled to list each book individually for the first time since I started doing these. This is because, for the first time since I started reviewing books I have read here, I actually reviewed all six books I finished in January: The Green House, Darkness at Noon, Water for Elephants, Girl With […]

Between the Woods and the Water – Patrick Leigh Fermor

…history seemed to drop from the air and spring out of the ground. I start with a confession: on some level, I still idolize Patrick Leigh Fermor, a British adventurer and travel writer. “Adventurer” is somewhat of an odd descriptor for a citizen of the twentieth century most famous for his travels in Europe, and […]

July 2013 Reading Recap

Considering that I wrote reviews for three of these five books, this shouldn’t be a v. long post. Star Maker, Olaf Stapledon A meditation on existence. The City and the Mountains,Jose M. Eca de Queiroz The perils of modernity To Have and Have Not Ernest Hemingway Love and death in Key West. Roumeli: Travels in […]