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Book Reviews

I like writing book reviews, for both fiction and non-fiction books, though the rewards for each move in divergent directions. I read a lot but, despite a few ideas for original stories and the occasional essay sent off [not to mention The Dissertation], I don’t produce much of my own writing for public consumption. As […]

Social Networking II: The Twitter

Just about two years ago I deleted my Facebook account with the declaration that, from my perspective, it had failed. I do miss its convenience for contacting people whose phone numbers or emails I do not have readily available and am disappointed by the occasional missed invitation (the “oh right, you’re not on Facebook” by […]

Process Stories

There is an episode in Season Four of the West Wing by the same title as this post. President Bartlet has just won reelection and the staff is celebrating, but the press is pushing for stories from the campaign, to get the behind the scenes version of what the campaign did to win. While the […]

Assorted Links

For the Love of Learning– A blog discussion of schools and the mechanization of teaching such that students are passive and learning is something done to them. His quote: “Because school defines learning as passive, learners come to see education as something done to them. When students are stuck in the middle of a problem, […]

A picture is worth ten thousand words

The adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” originates from print culture in the early 20th century, largely from the use of graphics in advertising. The picture provides a quick way of conveying a large amount of information quickly. Paired with a catchy slogan, pictures are an effective means of conveying a message for […]

Assorted Links

The Land of Big Groceries, Big God, and Smooth Traffic-a note in The Atlantic about a number of misconceptions and American idiosyncrasies that people visiting for the first time experience. Some speak highly of the United States, some are funny, some are depressing. Gore Vidal obituary – From the Guardian. Vidal is one of my […]

Assorted Links

Paul Ryan’s Influence on the G.O.P– A political feature about Paul Ryan, his upbringing, and his ability to bring about an ideological shift in the Republican party. German Mud Olympics Turns Attention from Lack of Real Medals– Apparently Germans are disappointed with their showing at the Olympics, but running at the same time are the […]

Assorted Links

A few things that piqued my interest. 1. Why I deleted my Facebook account – An essay that echoes many of my own sentiments and articulates a few of the major issues I had that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. 2. Writing by Hand: The Lost Art – Another op-ed about writing by […]


What is the impact of digitization on the quality of writing? This has been a pet issue of mine for some time now and will continue to be for some time to come given my current career path. I believe that digitization, particularly the advances in word processing programs, has a detrimental effect on writing. […]

Writing issues

I have been in a writing funk for a good six months now, if not more. Periodically I can turn a good phrase, make a good point, or delude myself that I have snapped out of it. I am always wrong. An unfortunate side effect of these periods is that one of two things happens […]